At LUMNA our mission is to bring people joy through transformative healing, addressing root causes with care.

Meet The Founders

Dr. Giles, a trailblazer in holistic medicine, and Krystal Chong, a fierce advocate for mental health unite to lead a revolution in healing. Their fusion of ancient wisdom and modern science leads the charge in transformative healing.  At LUMNA, their unified goal is to bring joy through holistic, root-cause solutions.

Why We Developed LUMNA

We both lived with sensitive nervous systems for most of our lives.

Like many of us, growing up in the Western World we were frustrated with not getting solutions that really WORKED in the medical world.

We both went on our own journeys to find the answers for healing.

Dr. J, become a naturopathic doctor/oncologist leveraging the power of the ancient medicines in the Ayurvedic world paired with the best of western medicine. Her practice focused on oncology, pain and nervous system related mental health.

Krystal developed a program that helped hundreds of people take their anxiety from a 9 to 2 in 8 weeks focusing on the root cause of anxiety.

We found that many of our clients don't have the time to make the lifestyle changes to rebalance their nervous system, and so they struggled with mental and physical health related issues (anxiety, autoimmune and stress related issues, etc).

With A Deep:

  • Understanding of the problem from our personal experiences.
  • Passion for science, but also the magic that lies beyond science in ancient plant medicine.

We developed LUMNA - the world's first transdermal elixir that repairs your nervous system for immediate and long term relief for anxiety and pain.

Using clinically proven powerful plant medicines with a spin of modern science, early users report:

  • Taking their stress down by half.
  • Falling asleep easily.
  • Waking up feeling rested and energized.

Designed to be a part of a daily self care ritual, LUMNA is used in place of your body lotion before bed - it doesn't take any extra time, but also creates that space to slow down and recharge.

With love. Dr J and K.

LUMNA - Illuminate Your Body, Illuminate Your Life, Illuminate The World.