FAQ's with Dr J

1. "Where do I apply the elixir?"

2. "Are there any contraindications?"

3. "Are other medications a potential issue, like benzos or pain meds for instance?"

4. "Which LUMNA elixir do I use for sleep?"

5. "Is it ok to use both Calm and Uplifted and Sweet Relief at the same time?"

6. "If I want to use both products, which do you recommend for day and which for night?"

7. "Alot of cancer patients are finding so much relief from the elixirs, why?"

8. "What do you suggest for fatigue and/or insomnia?"

9. "Are the elixirs safe for pregnant or nursing women?"

10. "How do the detox agents in LUMNA help?"

11. "How does LUMNA contribute to immune support?"

12. "How will it affect hormones generally and if on hormone supplement?"

13. "How is LUMNA supportive for plantar fasciitis?"

14. "How is LUMNA supportive for Lyme?"

15. "How is LUMNA supportive for gallbladder pain?"