Do you feel pain in your physical body on a regular basis?

Does it get worse when you're stressed?

Feel like you can’t relax? Like you’re stressed and overwhelmed all the time?

Chronic pain and mental health are so difficult living in the world today. The thing is that they're connected.

That’s why we created the skin elixir LUMNA: A natural, easy and powerful solution to help you… relieve pain and stress at the root cause: your nervous system.

A Revolutionary Medicinal Product in a Skin Elixir.

The LUMNA product line is a hybrid of powerful ancient medicines and modern science in an empowering delivery system, to yield immediate and long term pain and stress relief. 

The end result: People report taking their pain and anxiety down by at least 50% immediately, sleeping better and waking up feeling rested.

Since this advanced formulation is repairing nerves, the effects improve with time.

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LUMNA leverages the best of all 3 worlds of healthcare.


    • Problem: Toxic, addictive, treats symptoms without identifying the root cause. 
    • Solutions LUMNA offers: Non toxic, non habit forming, and addresses the root cause. 

    • Problem: Possibly ineffective from inconsistent dosing or degradation, unpleasant taste, possible adulteration. 
    • Solution LUMNA offers: Consistent therapeutic level dosing, enjoyable user experience, third party testing for validation and safety verification.

    • Problem: Often ineffective, Lacks clinical validation, Let’s be real, no one likes taking pills. 
    • Solution LUMNA offers: Clinically effective (short and long term.) Clinically validated. Enjoyable experience that enhances self care. 
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LUMNA Works With Triphasic Effects

In applying the topical to your body, you enjoy the benefits of both immediate and long term improvements in pain and well being. 


    Instant relief from a local response. This is expressed as muscle relaxation, reduced feelings of pain and a unique bodily sensation. 


    Direct absorption into the bloodstream. This means the constituents cross the blood brain barrier. The result: a global nervous system response experienced as an uplifting, peaceful mood.


    Long term strengthening via modulation of the nervous system, less pain and improved resilience to stress over time. 

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A therapeutic medicinal product with holistic healing properties.

Why is LUMNA $69+?

Well - It’s expensive to create something that WORKS and is natural and safe. That’s why you may not have found something as yet. 

Why is it expensive to make? 

  • Have you heard of the entourage effect? This is when the effects of multiple constituents don’t just add, they act synergistically to multiply the physiological results. Most companies use only 1 clinically effective ingredient, we’re using 21. 
  • Some of the most effective ingredients for managing stress and overwhelm are expensive on their own, much less all together. But price was not our focus, results were. Saffron, Helichrysum, Shatavari, Nutmeg, work, but they aren't cheap!
  • Our ingredients are organic and have anti cancer properties (brain, breast, ovarian, GI etc) and neuroprotective properties (protects your brain and nerves from degeneration).
  • Each of the 21 ingredients has a therapeutic dose, this is why you feel immediate effects. Most people use small doses which are clinically ineffective. 
  • High quality, organic, validated and tested ingredients cost more than potentially adulterated products. Which means they’re also safer!
  • Pharmaceuticals are cheap to make. These sophisticated plants, with holistic healing properties are not. This is why they’re good for you long term and not addictive. 

Hand Crafted In Small Batches With Love And Care

Calm Your Nerves, Lift Your Mood and Unwind …. AND enjoy immediate pain relief... within minutes.

A Hybrid Of Powerful Ancient Medicines And Modern Science

Relieve Chronic Pain, Calm Your Nerves, Lift Your Mood and Unwind …. Within minutes.

The result: sweet relief from hard to treat pain, immediate relaxation, stress reduction, more restful sleep, improved long term nervous system function.

Dr Lindsey Chang - Endodontist Entrepreneur - Review LUMNA

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