Holistic Anxiety Specialist

Krystal Chong

Krystal's journey with Generalized Anxiety Disorder led her to seek solutions beyond the traditional medical model. Refusing to accept a life dictated by anxiety, while balancing a career as a CMO, she embarked on a personal quest for solutions that led her to remarkable discoveries around root cause healing.

Driven by her own transformation, Krystal developed a pioneering program that has helped hundreds reclaim their mental well-being. Her work as a mental health advocate has helped thousands.

Teaming up with Dr. Julianna Giles, a renowned expert in nervous system health, they harnessed their passion for transformative healing to create a revolutionary pain solution. This innovative product is designed to rebalance the nervous system naturally, offering relief and fostering well-being.

Together, their mission is to bring people joy through transformative healing, addressing root causes with care.