Ask Dr J Ayurveda Edition

1. " We use a blend of modern and ancient medicine in LUMNA. Please explain the ancient aspect?"

2. "Explain Ayurveda for the layperson."

3. "How did India develop such sophisticated medicine and spiritual philosophies?"

4. "How did Ayurveda Influence the development of LUMNA?"

5. "How do the Ayurvedic elements in Sweet Relief work?"

6. "How do the Ayurvedic elements in Calm and Uplifted work?"

7. "Share on the Marmani points to amplify experience."

8. "Considering how effective it is, why isn't Ayurveda more popular in the west?"

9. "What made you decide to study Ayurveda when you decided to be a healer?"

10. "What should people know about why this healing method is so effective?"

11. "Why is blending Ayurveda and modern medicine for LUMNA and in general so effective?"

12. "Can you share about the balancing of Tejas, Pranas and building of Ojas?"

13. "Discuss the map of each for practitioners."