This super skin elixir is specially formulated with a powerful and intentional blend of natural plant medicines to rebalance your nervous system in order to provide relief from daily stressors, including anxious or depressed feelings and aid with sleep.

If the elixir separates simply stir.

Quick Use:

- Apply to back of neck, chest and forearms.

- Slow your breath to take in the aromatherapy.

- Take a few deep breaths, allow your mind to slow down with your breath.

Suggested Ritual For Optimal Experience:

To improve treatment effects and maximize your therapeutic response follow this ritual nightly, results are immediate and also build over time:

  • This product is best used after a warm bath or shower in the evenings (1-4 hours before bed).
  • The suggested use is 1 tablespoon but you may find your sweet spot is a little more or a little less. Start with 1 and then adjust from there.
  • It’s easy to rush through the day, so we suggest using this as a moment to slow down and interrupt the cycle of the spinning mind, a moment of Self care and connection with the present moment.
  • Consider a mental mantra during application: “Thank you body for all that you do for me,” or “I am grateful for. (fill in the blank).”
  • Or, instead, set an intention for your evening and the following day while applying the product.


1. Always wash your hands before and after use.

2. Slow your breath to receive the aroma. Invite the herbal medicine into your body as you apply it.

  • To maximize results, apply to the areas of your body with thin skin to increase systemic absorption:
  • Chest and neck
  • Hands, wrists, forearms, and armpits
  • Soles of feet, ankles, and behind the knees
  • Lower abdomen, pelvis, and low back
  • Massage the following acupressure points clockwise 9x to increase benefits:
  • The middle of your chest (heart region)
  • In-between thumb and forefinger
  • Forearm, a few inches below the palm
  • The middle of your foot, two inches below your toes
  • Your third eye (middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows)

3. Wash your hands following use and continue with your evening (or day).

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