This product is specially formulated with an intentional blend of powerful plant medicines to rebalance your nervous system and reduce pain both locally and systemically.

Two notes:

  • If the elixir separates simply stir.
  • Magnesium from the Great Salt Lake is one of the 21 super ingredients. Magnesium can leave a salt like feeling on the skin, like when you come out of the ocean, but it’s a very powerful ingredient.

For best results, we suggest the following ritual while using our product:

1. Consider setting an intention while using the product. It’s easy to rush through our day, use this as a moment to slow down and break the cycle of the spinning mind, as a moment of self care and connection with the present moment.

2. Always wash your hands before and after use. Apply to the affected area as liberally as needed. Slow your breath to receive the aroma. Invite the herbal medicine into your body as you apply it. Consider the mantra, “Thank you body for all that you do for me; I would like to share with you something healing with you.”

To enhance pain relief, also apply a small amount to the areas of your body with thin skin to increase systemic absorption:

  • Chest and neck
  • Hands, wrists, forearms, and armpits
  • Soles of feet, ankles, and behind the knees
  • Lower abdomen, pelvis, and low back

Massage acupressure points to increase benefits (in a clockwise circle 9x):

  • The middle of your chest (heart region)
  • In-between thumb and forefinger
  • Forearm, a few inches below the palm
  • The middle of your foot, two inches below your toes
  • Your third eye (middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows)

3. Again, wash your hands following use, then go about your day. Repeat as many times per day as you need to maintain adequate pain relief.

Thank you again for trying our product!  We can't wait to get your invaluable feedback.