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Calm and Uplifted - Clinical Trial Sample

Calm and Uplifted - Clinical Trial Sample

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Welcome to the LUMNA Clinical Trial for our Anxiolytic Skin Elixir: Calm and Uplifted.

Some information on the formulation is below.

IMPORTANT: The sample is on us - we just ask that you complete the feedback form within 5 days of receiving the product. There is also a $5 charge for shipping and handling. Once we receive it we will send a thank you code for 15% off once it's sent in!

Once you place the order for your sample, you will receive instructions in your email with how to use the product when it arrives, as well as a link to the feedback form.

We're very excited for you to try this advanced formulation, and for you receive immediate relief. And we appreciate your input to help with developing the product further!

For more information on LUMNA visit:

Calm and Uplifted:

This is our anxiolytic formula. It's specifically designed to support those with stress and stress related conditions like anxiety and depression.

Enjoy immediate peaceful calm into a restful, reparative slumber. Repair your overworked nervous system with immediate and long-term effects. 21 natural ingredients shown to be clinically effective for anxiety, including luxurious Saffron, nutmeg, and helichrysum.
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